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    About Us

    Own developed service within GPS technology

    Trackmondo is an IoT company that develops services based on GPS technology. Our business is based on our own products and services that are characterized by quality, unique design and high precision. We adapt products and services to customer needs and offer innovative solutions that simplify everyday life for all our customers. We strive to continue growing, both in the Swedish and international markets.

    Our Services

    Our business is based on proprietary products and services that are
    characterized by quality, unique design and high precision.

    Electronic Driving Journal

    Our digital driving journal means that you can spend your time on more important things. Our units fit all car types and companies of all sizes.

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    Geofence / Digital fence

    Geofence is a digital fence that helps you tremendously for several reasons.

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    With this function, can you see historical trips that have taken place, while at the same time you can plan your future trips.

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    Congestion tax & Infrastructure charge

    With us, you get a full overview of the congestion tax passage in Stockholm and Gothenburg, as well as the infrastructure charges for Motala and Sundsvall.
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    Real-time location

    Our real-time localization makes it easy for you to review your car fleet when needed.

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    Full Statistics

    Here can you see full statistics on your car fleet

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    We offer comprehensive GPS solutions. Order already now!

    Why choose Trackmondo AB?

    Differentiate between private / business trips

    Get reports on both private, business and congestion tax and infrastructure charges

    Real-time location

    Complete statistics such as fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, number of hours driven and km

    See past trips and plan future ones using routes

    A geofence helps with online check-ins/check-outs, and it especially benefits rental companies

    We have two different devices: one that connects to the car's battery, and the other to the obd socket.

    Our GPS devices can be used all over the world