Geofence is a digital fence that helps you tremendously for several reasons. A mark on the map is enough. You will then receive a message if the vehicle drives into or out of the marked area.

You can of course choose this option for a single vehicle, alternatively for your entire car fleet.

Geofence helps you with the following:

  • Geofence protects and warns you against unauthorized movements of your vehicle
  • Geofencing sends you an alarm in the event of an unplanned event
  • You can increase efficiency and get a message sent to you as soon as the employee finishes work and starts driving in / out of the marked area
  • You can decide and edit which area you specifically want to mark
  • You can feel confident that all employees who, for example, work shifts / nights have arrived home safely
  • You can use it as a check-in / check-out for your employees
  • Gives you as a project manager the opportunity to define a digital fence for a specific project area

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